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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

How to Begin Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank affiliate marketing can take some time to get up and running but it is a great way to build a passive income that will increase slowly for years. Affiliate marketers make their money each time they sell a product through a specific link, so as you promote your link, you’ll build a business that you can rely on.

Some steps to getting started include:

Set Up an Account
The first step in affiliate marketing with Clickbank is to set up an account with the service. Their site features a giant database of numerous products, so you can select something in almost any niche that interests you. Add your details, your payment information, and confirm your account. Once you’ve set up the nuts and bolts and features, you’re ready to get started.

Choose a Product to Promote
Your next step is to choose a product, or several, to promote within your niche. Pick out products that seem to market well, that have easy to use affiliate tools, and that seems as though they’ll work well for the way you prefer to promote things. Select products that solve problems, then use your sites, content, and posts to explain how they can help your readers.

Build Affiliate Sites
Next, work to set up one or more affiliate sites showcasing the products that you want to promote. You can opt to make these blogs, static sites, or something in between. Your goal, however, should be to create simple sites that are easy to put up and easy to update. Then, if a product doesn’t convert well, you can move on to the next quickly without feeling as though you’ve wasted a lot of time, money, and effort. Affiliate marketing is often about achieving a small success and then replicating those results many times over.

Add Content
As you begin to attract visitors to your sites, add extra content to the ones that are gaining traffic at the best rate and converting well. You’ll want to add about ten pages of content to each site, then work to flesh out the well-converting sites so that they are more significant, “anchor” sites. Authority content that is well informed tends to help your readers feel as though they’re listening to an expert on the topic, so do your best to generate this type of content as often as you can.

how to start clickbank affiliate marketing


Promote your affiliate sites using email marketing, article marketing, posts on smaller blogs, social media, and in any other products or giveaway products you have. Over time, you’ll build up an excellent network of affiliate products that are all linked together, each promoting the next. This can help flesh out your Clickbank income so that you can make as much affiliate income as possible as you work to grow your marketing business.

Learning to make money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing might sound easy but it can certainly take some time to master. If you are looking for a bit of help along the way you may find this John Crestani course useful.

Once affiliate marketing starts to click for you, you’ll begin to see small amounts of income rolling in each month. These will begin to steadily increase as you grow your network of sites, your articles, and your own products.